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Urea Coating System With Neem Oil

Project Description

After the Govt. of India, made urea to be coated with Neem oil mandatory for all urea manufacturers or importers in August 2015, a certain demand arose for the neem oil coating system.

Study shows that Neem oil basically acts as a ‘nitrification inhibitor’ when coated on urea. By slowing down urea hydrolysis and nitrification, it allows for a more gradual release of nitrogen, which can be used by the plant. Neem-coating increases nitrogen use efficiency. Also, since the urea action is prolonged, the plants stay greener for a longer time. Farmers apply urea when they notice the leaves turning yellowish. But if the crop here is retaining greenness for an extended period, they would reduce the frequency of application.

The nitrogen percentages are 46%, in normal urea, however, the conversion to nitrate happens very rapidly. As a result, up to two-thirds of the nitrogen is lost either through underground percolation of nitrates or volatilization. This could be reduced after applying the neem oil coating on urea.

Another reason behind this step from Govt. of India is to the stop illegal diversion of urea for non-farm purposes.

Zeus Engitech Private Limited has made deep research to satisfy the sudden demand of this kind of system and very quickly we have developed a system to meet this requirement.

As a result of the quality and design of the Neem oil coating system of ZEUS. five plants supplied by ZEUS are in working condition till date.

This system involves:

  • Primary tank with heating mechanism,
  • Secondary Tank with a heating mechanism
  • Pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Lump Breaker
  • Controllers and Indicators
  • Electrical Panel and Other Sensors

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