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Truck Loading System

Project Description

There are two methods in practice for handling bulk cargo.

  • Mechanical Handling – using grab buckets, cranes, and belt conveyors
  • Pneumatic Handling – Using a vacuum pneumatic system.

In the mechanical handling operation, very heavy machines are used to handle the material.
Also in this kind of operation the equipment and human safety are always to be taken care of very seriously. While this operation is done in the port, the barge or ship has to move forward or backward to empty the material because the crane and grab bucket can not move parallel to them.

As the equipment used in this kind of operation are very heavy and very skilled manpower is required to operate them, the initial cost goes very high. Also for small ports or medium capacity material handling the operation and maintenance cost goes far from the limit.

The solution to this is pneumatic handling, using the vacuum method. In this kind of operation, the material is sucked by a pneumatic system using a vacuum pipe. The vacuum pipe used for this kind of operation is very flexible and thus it can be moved all over the vessel and so there is no need to shift the vessel after a certain time during the operation.

In this system, less mechanical equipment is used &also the size of the machine and equipment is less than the mechanical handling. The safety of humans and machines can be taken care of nicely.

The material sucked by the pneumatic system comes into a silo, which has a dust collector to control the dust and discharge the access air and other equipment to discharge the material into a truck or other vehicle.

This system is very easy in handling and the maintenance cost is also less compared to the mechanical handling system.

If the particle size is suitable for pneumatic handling, this system is very effective and reliable.

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