Municipal solid waste recycling plant (MSW Plant)

Municipal solid waste recycling plant Manufacturing by Zeus Engitech

Zeus Engitech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of municipal solid waste recycling plants. At Zeus Engitech, we are dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for waste management. Our advanced recycling plants are designed to efficiently process and recycle municipal solid waste, turning waste into valuable resources. With a commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility, we strive to contribute to a cleaner and greener future.

About MSW Plant

One of the major environmental problems that developing countries are facing is improper solid waste disposal and management strategies. Solid waste has been a major environmental issue. A major portion of the solid waste comes from schools, homes, offices, markets, farms, and other public places. In this some of the garbage, refuse, sludge, trash, and rubbish are biodegradable e.g., paper products, food droppings, as well as vegetation like grass and twigs, and others are not biodegradable and they include metals, aluminum cans, plastics, broken computers, and car parts. As they do not decay easily, they pile up in landfills and refuse dumps and these bring great harm to the water, land, and people around it.

India produces 277.1 million tonnes of solid waste every year. Which is likely to touch 387.8 million tonnes in 2030, and 543.3 million tonnes by 2050.

Country wise per person waste generation per day

  • India: 0.75 kg
  • USA:  2.24 kg
  • Bermuda: 4.54 kg

By 2050, however, India’s figure is projected to increase by 900 gm every day.

The waste management hierarchy consists of six stages:

  • Prevention
  • Minimization
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Energy Recovery
  • Disposal

Now Reduction of solid waste is very challenging as the population is growing day by day and this cannot be achieved without strict govt. Policies reuse depends completely on supply of that product, its cost and the interest of the public. Unless and until the substitute is available and one has purchasing power, we will not hesitate to throw away the old one. Now rest two are achievable through proper waste management and industrial processes. In these two RECOVERY is very important, as without recovery recycling is not possible. In the solid waste we find below materials:

  • Paper 27%
  • Food Waste 14.6%
  • Yard Trimmings 13.5%
  • Plastic 12.8%
  • Metals 9.1% etc.

Note: The ratio may differ from place to place

We at Zeus Engitech Private Limited have made sure to provide the most suitable equipment for managing and recycling waste at every stage. We have designed manufactured, supplied, erected, and commissioned complete systems upto a capacity of 300 tons per day. These plants have been satisfactorily performing to the rated capacity from the date of commissioning. The performance of the plant during commercial production, in last 4 years. We give after-sales service, by way of timely supply of spares & deputation of our expert design and service engineer, as and when called for, to help, in the operation & maintenance of the plant.

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