FGD Plant

Project Description

Zeus Engitech Private Limited is working under Thermax Ltd. on a power plant of 2X500 MW in Koderma which was under government threat since 2018 for violating pollution norms and they were asked by the government to pay a fine of around 150 Cr. If they do not control the SO2 emission content in the power plant by setting up an FGD plant within 3 years of time. The order was awarded to Thermax Ltd for setting up the FGD project which will help control the SO2 emission within the stipulated limits. There are many material handling equipment required for processing Limestone and Gypsum in this plant for which

Zeus Engitech Private Limited got the order from Thermax Ltd. in June, 2020. Zeus Engitech has supplied Flue Gas Desulphurization System is a process to remove Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) content from flue gases after burning the fuel i.e. coal, lignite, biomass, oil. From the data available up to 31st Oct 2020, the usage of fuel for electricity generation is as below and due to the burning of these fuels SO2 emission takes place.


How to control SO2

  • Fuel Desulphurization:
    Method to Remove SO2 in the fuel prior to combustion. This brought the efficiency of the boiler down and the life of the boiler reduced by approx 5 years.
  • Fuel Gas Desulphurization:
    Method to remove SO2 from flue gases after combustion. By doing this the efficiency of the boiler remains as per design and the life also increases.

Purpose of the FGD system

  • To remove Sulphur content in flue gases after fuel combustion.

Chemical reaction in FGD Process:

Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) + Limestone (CaCO3) + Oxygen (O2) + Water (H2O)

= Gypsum (CaSO4*2H2O) Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

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