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Coal Screening Plant

Project Description

Coal has very significant value among all the minerals and organic materials. Coal is dug from the coal mines that have varied in size from very big size lumps to powder form. As coal is required for various applications the size of coal suits the requirement.

In the earlier days, the sizing of coal was a difficult task but now using a coal screening plant it is very easy to seize. There is various equipment is used to get the desired output and quality from the feed coal.

The whole operation can be categorized into the below operations.

  • Conveying
  • Crushing
  • Screening

Based on the feed size and require output size of coal the whole process is designed. This process involves

  • Feed Hoppers,
  • Gates,
  • Feeders,
  • Primary crusher,
  • Secondary crusher,
  • Vibrating/rotary screen and
  • Belt conveyors.

As mentioned above the specification of required output and feed coal size decide, what equipment to select. Sometimes the requirement of coal screening is limited up to two sizes only, in this kind of case there is no need for any crushing equipment and thus crushers can be eliminated from the process.

Zeus Engitech Private Limited has supplied these kinds of plants in different locations all over India. ZEUS is designing & manufacturing all kinds of equipment to satisfy the need for a coal screening plant.

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