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High Angle Cleated Belt Conveyor (Steep Angle Conveyor)

Product Description

ZEUS is one of the leading manufacturers of cleated belt conveyor. This range of conveyor enables conveying of bulk material up to 90 Deg. This product is designed and manufactured to fit tight material handling criteria with limitations in space.

Application Area:

  • Coal and Power plant sector
  • Cement Industries
  • Minerals
  • Brick Clay and ceramics industries
  • Food industries
  • Paper industries
  • Biomass Industries
  • Solid waste handling
  • Tire and rubber industries
  • Industrial Application

Technical specification:

  • Eff. Belt Width : Up to 1000 mm
  • Inclination : Up to 90 Deg.
  • Capacity : Up 100 TPH


  • Less space consumption
  • No slippage of material
  • Minimum maintenance and noise
  • Long Life
  • Designed for dust free operation
  • Highly Efficiency and low power requirement
  • Low Maintenance
  • Higher rate of material handling

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