Apron Feeder

Product Description

Apron feeders are the most appreciated product of ZEUS. These feeders are suitable to control the surge feed created by direct loading by dumpers or wagon loaders. These feeders can be used as surface feeder, where minimum height for feeding is available.

Application Area:

  • Coal and Power plant sector
  • Cement Industries
  • Salt industries
  • Minerals
  • Brick Clay and ceramics industries
  • Paper industries
  • Biomass Industries
  • Solid waste handling
  • Tire and rubber industries.
  • Industrial Application

Technical specification:

  • Eff. Belt Width: Up to 3000 mm
  • Inclination: Up to 25 Deg.
  • Capacity: Up 2500 TPH


  • Effective solution for large capacity
  • No Jamming
  • Controlled and variable feed rate
  • Minimum maintenance and noise
  • Long Life
  • Designed for dust free operation.
  • Highly Efficient and low power requirement.
  • Designed to suit & deliver operation requirement with desired capacity
  • Comes in various models

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